In 2015, it means 2 years ago, my dad gave me a Powershot G1X and I was so excited to bring it to school everyday. At first, I didn’t really know how to go to the setting and use other shooting mode in my camera. Basically, I use Auto Mode everytime I shot anything, because I thought it just looked fine with this and the quality obviously is better than the galaxy s5 I had at that time.

This is my camera and I still using it until now (taken in 1/28/15 by galaxy s5)

After use it for a year, my friend told me that I can take better shot by use every setting on my camera, and she showed me how to discover a new function of it. I didn’t think that changing the setting a little bit can help the shot looks better. Like this one

This picture was about 2 months ago when I learned how to creat bokeh.

Now, although I experience some function of my camera, I don’t think I have enough knowledge or confident to tell the person who read my blog about all the function on cameras.

Anyway, if you have a chance to own a camera, just playing with it for a while and you will discover a lot of things. Shooting doesn’t mean only taking pictures, I think it is a art when you take pictures.

Thank you for reading.