Overall, VSCOcam is an app on both for IOS and Android. In this app, we can edit our picture in different ways, but only about the appearance of the photographs. In my opinion, I think we can compare this program to Lightroom (Lr) from Adobe.

In this blog, I want to talk about the sweet flter which I think is very popular in Korea, especially for the people who want to make their pictures more “kawai” or maybe in Ulzzang style. Here are some ways that I think are possible to create sweet filter and I also have some photos that edited by me using those recipe.

Above is the first filter I want to share and the smaller photos below are edited by me. This filter looks cool when you apply the views on rather than selfie because most of people would like their skin to be white than to be pink!

This kind of sweet tone looks so gorgeous on the scenary, in my perspective (๑>◡<๑)

This is the last recipe about sweet tone that I found on the internet and they are possible and suitable to apply on your pictures, unless your pictures were already edited by other apps or because of the light.

Yeah, that is all about the sweet tone on VSCOcam, but there are other ways that you can create by yourself. Some of the filters in VSCOcam are locked, so you need you purchase them to discover other colours.

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