I don’t know what to start this blog now, but I just bought a kit lens yesterday.

Where did I buy it?

Before buying this lens, my dad told me that I have to save money for myself to buy anything I want, so I did it. The lens that I bought was a 18-135mm lens which is 6.2 millions. I can show you the price on paper here:


I bought this at Le Vu Camera on Tran Hung Dao Street. It was where I bought my camera [Canon EOS 70D]. I was really satisfied with this store because the staffs are very friendly. They were not acted like “Oh well, if you don’t know anything about cameras, you shouldn’t go here” or “You are not professional”, but instead of doing things like that, they explain everything about the types of cameras I want to buy. Moreover, another thing that I guess most of people would love is that Le Vu Camera has only family work together! I don’t know why, but anyway, I like this store.

[Click on the link here to see what other kinds of cameras that Le Vu Camera has]

18-135mm lens

Here are some pictures about my lens to make you have a better look about it:




Thanks for reading my blog ❤